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ICM ICM450 Monitor Line Voltage
ICM ICM450 Monitor Line Voltage
ICM ICM450 Monitor Line Voltage 1
ICM ICM450 Monitor Line Voltage 2

ICM ICM450 Monitor Line Voltage

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SKU F266
Free Shipping....Brand new in stock.. one of these can save you thousands of dollars in damages... LCD Programmable 25-fault memory storage. Independent high/low voltage settings. Programmable line voltage, manual or automatic reset, push-button setup. 3-Phase Line Voltage Monitors Independently monitor voltage imbalance, high/low voltage, phase loss, reversal, incorrect sequencing, and rapid short cycling. UL Listed and CSA Certified. Technical Specification Item Line Voltage Monitor Type Manual or Automatic Reset Control Volts 18 to 240 NC Output (Amps) 6 N.O. Output (Amps) 10 Voltage 190-630 Phase Three Hz 50/60 % Volts Unbalance 2 to 25, Adj. Delay Button Adjustable Time Delay 0 To 10 Minutes Temp.

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