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Thermador Freedom Collection 18 Inch Built In Wine Cooler Panel Ready T18IW900SP

Condition: Brand New $3,999.99
New Thermador Freedom Collection 18 Inch Built In Wine Preservation Cooler Panel Ready T18IW900SP . This is a brand new scratch and dent special. It is a Brand new never used or installed unit that had a slight dent in the side, the dent was not bad enough to be noticed inside the unit so once it's installed it will never be noticed, and it will not hamper performance on the unit at all. This is a built in unit, it comes with the part for your carpenter to attach trim trim that matches your cabinets, the trim is not included, there is no "door" face on this, it must have a face made for it.

Unit was powered up and completely inspected, other than the scratches on the sides and that dent there is noting at all wrong with this cooler. It runs very nicely, and you can hardly hear the thing running. You push on the door and a motor opens it a few inches so you can grab the door and pull it open the rest of the way, super impressive setup. That way you don't have to have a handle on it! You can also disable that feature if you want to install a handle. touch screen control panel, unit plugs into standard wall outlet. It also needs a waterline as it had a built in humidifier... can't have those corks drying out!

This is an OPPORTUNITY, an opportunity to save some money! Unit is sold with a not to be dead on arrival guarantee. The manufacturer may or may not honor the factory warranty, we are not dealers or representatives of the manufacturer. That being said it's made in Turkey it's a $5300 unit and it's quality speaks for itself. The Europeans build thing for many decades of use!

Price includes shipping to a BUSINESS with a freight dock. If your do not have that option available we can ship to a freight terminal near you and you can pick it up. We CAN NOT deliver to a residential address, it never works out and is around $300 more in freight costs.

Please contact us with any questions you have on this, 816-679-3111.