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Viking Thermostat KK-14-30  PB010264 Oven Griddle +
Viking Thermostat KK-14-30  PB010264 Oven Griddle +
Viking Thermostat KK-14-30  PB010264 Oven Griddle + 1

Viking Thermostat KK-14-30 PB010264 Oven Griddle +

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Viking Range corp oven thermostat, part# kk-14-30, pb010264 22a 120-250 vac mt 650 degrees F. Used on many different ovens stoves and griddles. Remote bulb is 36" long, 'bulb' part on the end is 6.5" long, 18" of insulation on the tube. two 1/4" male electrical connectors. tag says ans z21.23 gas appliance thermostat. 'knob' ( actual knob not included - takes the round type with a flat spot) knob locks in the off position, push in to turn. nice replacement thermostat.These are OEM Viking Thermostats Manufactured by invensys controls for viking range corporation.

Picture is of THE EXACT part your buying... don't get mislead by others selling the same part number with no picture as it's probably a cheap 'universal' it sorta fits and works most of the time These are IN STOCK at OUR FACILITY, and ship FROM US. No WAITING! Fit's the following plus others, and a lot of customers use it for obsolete replacement as well.:

  • CVDSC365-4G
  • CVDSC485-4GAFTER08-11-06
  • CVDSC485-4GQAFTER08-11-06
  • CVDSC485-6G
  • LVDSC365-4G
  • LVDSC485-4GAFTER08-11-06
  • LVDSC485-4GQAFTER08-11-06
  • LVDSC485-6G
  • VDSC365-4G
  • VDSC367-4GAFTER09-01-06
  • VDSC485-4GAFTER08-11-06
  • VDSC485-4GQAFTER08-11-06
  • VDSC485-6G
  • VDSC485C-6G
  • VDSC487
  • VDSC487-4GAFTER06-22-06
  • VDSC487-4GQAFTER06-22-06
  • VDSC487-6GAFTER06-14-06
  • VGGT240
  • VGIC487
  • VGRT360-4G
  • VGRT360-4GAFTER07-09-07
  • VGRT362-4GAFTER07-09-07
  • VGRT421-4GAFTER07-09-07
  • VGRT4804G
  • VGRT480-4GAFTER07-09-07
  • VGRT480-4GQAFTER07-09-07
  • VGRT480-6G
  • VGRT480-6GAFTER07-09-07
  • VGRT482
  • VGRT482-4GAFTER07-09-07
  • VGRT482-4GQ
  • VGRT482-4GQAFTER07-09-07
  • VGRT482-6GAFTER07-09-07
  • VGRT600-6GAFTER07-09-07
  • VGRT600-6GQAFTER07-09-07
  • VGSC367
  • VGSC486
  • VGSC487-4G
  • VGSC487-4GQ
  • VGSC487-6G

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