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Kooptech WD 110/60 3D-Glasses Washer Drier 3D glasses

Condition: Brand New $4,999.99
This is a Brand New never used Kooptech WD 3D-Glasses Washer Drier for movie theater 3D glasses. It is brand new scratch and dent special. The top of the box got bent and it's really thin sheet metal, 100% cosmetic in nature and will not affect operation of the machine one bit! Does not include the racks that you put the glasses in. price included freight to a loading dock or if you don't have a dock to a freight terminal near you where you can pic it up. This is a marvelous opportunity to get top quality glasses washer at a fraction of the cost! call us with any question you may have, 816-679-3111. Price not to your liking...give us a call we may be able to work a deal.