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Tokyo heated Seat heater pad 4101307-s52-s000 81134-S52 A010-M1

Condition: Brand New $39.99
In Stock Ships Today! Tokyo Seat Co Ltd 4101307-s52-s000 81134-S52 A010-M1 12 vdc 40 watt seat heating pad, for cars trucks tractor seat snowmobiles, anything you want a heated seat on. simply install under your existing seat covers, can throw a few stitches in to keep them in place, or simple staple them in place, shoe glue also works good around the edges to hold them in place. you can even sew them into the liner of a coat and have a heated coat!!!! 23" over all length, 11.5" wide one end to 15" at the widest part near the other end. with the pad laying with the wires coming out the right the first rectangular portion on the left is 6.5" x 13.5", then there is a space about 1" to the next part. that is 8.5" x 15", then the small part by the wires is 8" x 6.5".