Just to avoid confusion as to what that implies.... it means WE ( the folks here at ZASales.com )  can physically go out into the warehouse and pick the item up and look at it. 

To see the quantity on hand click on the product and the products details page will open up and show "We Currently have 65 in stock." under the quantity / add to cart box.


If we don't have a part in stock sitting here on a shelf you will not be able to complete the purchase. Our inventory count is live!

 We stock all our inventory and do not drop ship anything!

If you still have questions we can be reached at 816-679-3111 Monday - Friday 9 am to 4 pm central standard time.

Please have our SKU# ready when you call.

( SKU number is under the price on the details page )

We are not a large company so please be patient with us and leave a message if we are unavailable to speak to you when you call.

 To contact by email: orders@zasales.com

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