Geothermal / Ground source Heat Pumps

This is our selection of geothermal ground source heat pump units, parts, and coils. Our units are new units that have been refused for delivery because of 'damage' by the shipping company. We offer scratch and dent specials that save you a lot of Green, so go green in more ways than one! We completely open up the cabinets on these and they are inspected by someone that actually knows what they are looking at. We most times tap out the dents and rework the panels so the unit is ready to install when you receive it. If we have a unit that is not salvageable we evacuate the system and pull the parts. We have never sold a bad unit in 11 years of dealing with them. These are new name brand units and they may have a warranty registration card in the paperwork but any warranty is between you and the company. We are not dealers of any brand name that we may have - that should be quite obvious from our prices! Take a look at what we have, contact us as were always working deals!

What we have available is shown here, sorry but we can't order what you want. Our selection varies and single phase units go pretty quick so check back in from time to time.

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