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Kold-Draft GBR00814 OEM Thermostat Kit

Condition: Brand New $74.99
brand new, part# gbr-00814 GBR00814. three terminals. includes new mounting screws and brass screws for the terminals on the switch. fits all kold-draft machines. GB1220W, GB1240W, GB1250W, GB1258, GB420, GB427, GB430, GB437, GB440, GB447, GB450, GB457, GB620, GB627, GB630, GB637, GB640, GB647, GB650, GB650R, GB657, GT330, GT337, GT340, GT347, GT350, GT357, GT550, GT557 and others that use a two OR a three terminal thermostat. ( you can use the three terminal to replace of a two terminal but not the other way around. ) These are IN STOCK ready for shipping today! Overnight available!