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Liebert APS 15 KVA 13.5 KW UPS AS6 Series Rack Mount

Condition: Brand New $9,800.00

This is a BRAND NEW scratch and dent special, Liebert APS 15 KVA 13.5 KW UPS AS6 Series part Number AS6C0RCYGNNXLWS configured for 15 kVA / 13.5 KW. Good for any voltage from 120V To 240V single phase - you select the voltage from the menu options.

This is a brand new unit that had something tip into it while shipping. It bent the sheet metal on the enclosure in totally non functional areas and cracked the front plastic bezel on the top around the display, as well as cracked the big LCD display screen. We replaced the LCD screen with a new one. The plastic bezel piece can be replaced from Liebert for about $45. Two of the plastic battery covers on the front have the plastic stud broke off but they seem to snap in and stay just fine. These are actually narrow enough to mount in a standard 19" rack mount cabinet. The LCD display can be remotely mounted with a cat5 cables as well. We had the bent sheet metal items repaired and painted, for the most part unless it's pointed out your not going to notice it. Unit was shipped around February 2017 so it's a fresh unit, not something that has been sitting around for years. 

We powered the unit up and the batteries charged right up to 99%. We cycled it through two discharges with about 4.2 KW of load on it and it performed perfectly. This is a brand new never used unit, we are offering a six month 100% functional guarantee on this unit so you can get it installed and operating and exercise it a few times and make sure your totally happy with it. We know there is apprehension when buying something like this that is a "scratch and dent" special. This is an OPPORTUNITY to save thousands of dollars. So think about it this way, you order one of these from a dealer and it shows up dented and they offer it to you at a 50% discount, what are you going to do? 

If your really concerned send out your tech and we'll pick him up at the airport, feed him some good KC barbecue, and he can look the unit over. We can load test it and do whatever they want to it. 

Price includes new heavy duty shipping crate and freight to MOST places in the continental US. If your in the far NE NW or SE we may have to charge a bit more as it can get silly expensive sometimes.

Have any questions or concerns please call us, 816-679-3111 during normal business hours Central Standard Time.