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OEM Ford Truck Fold Down Seat Armrest replacement console 2008 2009

Condition: Brand New $99.99
These are original Ford parts, they had P-221 Armrest on the crate. Black cloth covering, flip up lid. Great way to fix one that is wore out or give a used truck a less used look! Aprox 20.75" long about 6" tall most places, and 10.5" wide. One mounting spot is about 12" to the center of the two holes from the front top cup holder end ( THAT'S the left side as it would sit in the seat looking at it from the front ) the drivers side of it has the mounting holes about 17" to the center of them measured from the front top corner by the cupholders. Not sure of the exact years these fit but the tag on it is 10/13/2008 so it's a 2008 or 2009 or later, may even fit prior models.