Polaris K16 280 All Purpose Bag
Polaris K16 280 All Purpose Bag
Polaris K16 280 All Purpose Bag 1

Polaris K16 280 All Purpose Bag

SKU op1026
all purpose bag, part # k16. to fit polaris model 280 pool cleaner. if your bag attaches by velcro only, you have a polaris 180. if the clips are oval shaped, you have a polaris 280. if the clips are rectangular, you have a polaris 360 or 380. you can also tell by turning the cleaner upside down and counting the number of jets that squirt water up through the cleaner. one jet means 180, two means 280, etc. brand new original polaris repair part, get them before they are gone, if your replacing it once more than likely you'll need to do it again in the future!

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