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Liebert APS5KPWRMOD2 APS Plug-in Module Hot-Plug/Redundant Power Supply - 5000 VA

Condition: Brand New $1,500.00

Liebert APS5KPWRMOD2 APS Plug-in Module Power Supply 5000 VA. Pulls from a brand new unit that were parting out as the batteries had expired. We operated the whole ups and load tested it and everything was fine. The complete 15 KW UPS unit is also for sale until we sell these modules. See the complete unit at https://www.zasales.com/LIEBERTaps.html 100% satisfaction guaranteed and were offering a 90 day warranty. We will also be selling the battery cases minus the batteries so you can re-power them yourself save some money AFTER we sell the power supply modules. Free shipping to US locations.