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New Seat Heater Pad 14.5 X 11.5 12 Vdc Car Auto

Condition: Brand New $43.48
brand new, part# from the box: gmx001 fsc part# c5gx-59100m6. these are 14.4" long, and are 11.5" on one end, and 10.25" wide on the end where the wires come out. there are four wires that go into the heating pad, two are power and the other two are control/temp sensor. two strips of peel and stick tape to help during the installation. these apparently need to be wired in series as a single pad draws 6.2 amps- 74 watts at 12v and 7.6a at 14.5v 110 watts ( charging/running voltage on most vehicles) and that is a bit much - too hot to the touch. wired up in series they are just right, at 12v 4.1 amps 50 watts, 14.5v 4.8 amps 70 watts. pads are believed to be gm parts so they may be oem replacements for factory pads, sorry, we have no clue as to what vehicles they may be used for replacement on... you will have to do an actuall eyeball on what you have. these can be hooked up in series, put two per seat, and controlled with an on/off switch. you get hot you turn them off. i tested a pair and they did not get hot enough that i had to turn them off, they just stayed toasty warm! folks buy these for everything from cars to boats, farm tractors, construction equipment, lawn tractors, bobcats, just about anything with a seat that has a 12 v system! you will have to have some degree of electrical knowledge to hook these up as you will have to cut the connectors off and stuff. once again you are getting two of these pads. also super great for camera cases to keep them warm.