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New 1000W 230V Aluminum Plate Heater Tempco

Condition: Brand New $184.67
brand new tempco 1000w 230 vac plate heaters, immersion type, works great for sitting your wort on to keep it warm happy and fermenting! part# ( ? ) cbh08270 or maybe 73-105358 k0002. overall length of the plate excluding the height of the electrical terminals and the mounting stud is 14 3/4", width is 10", and they are a 1/2" thick. mounting stud looks like fine thread 1/4", it's an inch long, and the electrical connectors are 1 5/8" long. that end where the electrical connectors are looks like it might mate to some sort of housing. i don't know what. tempco has a wesite so maybe some digging will lend some answers. looks like one heck of a nice heating plate! on the bottom there are five 1-7/16" round depressions that have been milled into the plates, i assume that is for mounting them flat so they don't slide around.